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Sometimes apps are running in the background, consuming battery power. After selecting Battery within the Smart Manager, users can prevent wasting battery power through "App Optimization." For eachapp, users can choose between "Always Optimizing," "Automatically Optimizing" or "Disable For". App optimization are mostly important in all devices especially smartphones.

How to manage the built-in app optimization feature

We simply love the slew of improvements and under-the-hood optimizations that Samsunghas thrown into the latest version of its TouchWiz. Found on the Sammy's 2015 crop of high-end devices (the Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+, S6 edge, and the Galaxy S6 flagship), the new rendition of the giant's in-house firmware is slimmed-down and faster than ever, but one of our favorite features of it usually keeps a low profile.

Well, you won't keep you in the loop anymore - we are talking about the baked-in app optimization functionality, which acts as a watch dog and optimizes the power usage of most of the apps you have installed on your handset. It does this automatically - after a certain app has not been used for 3, 5, or 7 days, We optimizes it and does not allow it to run in the background.

Some of the more tech-savvy users will notice some resemblances between Samsung's solution, one of the popular 3rd-party app-optimizing apps, mainly in the overall functionality.

Key features of android app development:

Monitor traces for different activities (e.g. screen loading) in your app in a Series Timeline broken down by time spent at each stage

Monitor web service & API calls made by real users in real-time

See detailed app error analysis

Get insights into your app's device-level data from database & memory to UI performance

Website Testing

Create custom metrics for your specialized transactions

Analyze how your app performs on different devices & operating systems

Compare performance across different app versions

Get alerts when your app isn't performing as expected

Monitor app performance by geographic regions


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